Which Courses Require Accreditation?

Becoming a Cisco Academy is your choice, but being affiliated with NetAcad gives you 1500+ hours of free content. The programme has been operational in the UK and Ireland since 1998, connecting a community of Cisco Academies from Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other types of organisations. Some courses require prior accreditation for teachers before you offer these to students. However, many others simply require registration as a Cisco Instructor via an approved Cisco Academy.

Courses that can be taught without prior accreditation

To teach the most of the courses listed above, you do not need to be connected to an ASC, however it will help as you will be able to obtain support. Each course is based on the assumption that as an experienced educator you know your capabilities and will, if required, review each course before teaching it to your students.

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Stop Press - Currently (Aug23) anything on Skills for All can be taught without prior accreditation - so long as you have Instructor Status

Courses requiring prior teacher accreditation

Cisco, the Open University, and all other Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Training Centres (ITCs) maintain an open model for training and accreditation. This means you can go to any ITC that you like. The following courses require prior teacher (known as instructor in Cisco Networking Academy lingo) accreditation based on their direct route to industry accreditation and employment. You must be connected to an ASC to access this. At the bottom of this page is a link and an associated video explaining the application process.

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Submitting an application to become a Cisco Academy

You simply need to fill in the form available at netacad.com/become-an-academy. Learn more at the Become an Academy page.