In partnership with UCEN Manchester, Cisco has mapped NetAcad content to the Digital T-Levels curriculum. Our goal is to support educators across England with free access to a range of high-quality and up-to-date tools, courses, and resources.

The aim of this page is to:

View this short video to learn more about the Cisco Networking Academy

NetAcad and T-Levels

This screenshot demonstrates how the NetAcad curriculum can be integrated with the T-Levels curriculum. Additional information and guidance can be provided by your ASC.

Benefits of becoming an Academy 

Becoming an Academy is 100% free and gives organisations access to a plethora of courses and resources, including virtual lab simulation tools, in a curriculum that spans cyber, networking, programming, and more. Benefits include:

Connecting to an Academy Support Centre 

As outlined above, becoming a Cisco Academy presents a range of benefits. An additional benefit is access to local, T-Levels specific support from the UCEN Manchester Academy Support Centre. UCEN Manchester is here to provide broad community support as well as access to an extensive knowledge base. 

To register you organisation to become a Cisco Academy you can follow this simple process:

T Levels UPDATE copy.pptx

This deck gives an overview of the Cisco Networking Academy as well as how the programme can support the delivery of T-Levels qualifications.