Free Teacher Training

Different ITC's (Instructor Training Centres) offer a variety of free teacher (Instructor in Cisco terminology) training opportunities. Courses listed here should not be considered as an endorsement by Cisco UKI and are offered 'as is' for your consideration. You must also be aware that the same ITC's listed on this page, as well as other ITC's also offered 'paid for' options under different terms and conditions.

For these training options, you must directly contact the ITC, which can be located via the button to the right hand side.

Free courses

Offered by OU, BCU, TU:Dublin and UWTSD

The Open University (OU), Birmingham City University (BCU), Technological University Dublin (TU:Dublin) and the University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD) formed a collaboration during 2020, based on long established free instructor/teacher training courses offered by the Open University.

The model is simple: three times an academic year, September, January and May, they will promote free courses that will commence during October, February and June. Each of these courses is 100% remote, instructor led, scalable, hybrid MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses). Once you enrol, you are committed to commence (they will not remove you) however you are not required to complete (if you lack the time).

Within each course, you will see prominently displayed study instructions and guidance, as well as the terms and conditions for completion. This includes proctoring of the final assessment, grades that must be accomplished, number of modules (chapters) that must be completed, the locally required skills based assessment as well as the expected passing grade.

Commencing June 2021

Commencing on the 1st of June 2021, with an enrolment deadline of 23:59 (UK time) on the 31st of May 2021 the following courses will be available, simply click on the links to enrol:

Each of the above courses will cease on the 30th of September with a declared administrative end date, after this time - instructors will be accredited during the following week. Module group/chapter exams will be activated during the 1st of June.

Terms and conditions of enrolment:

  1. If you are already enrolled elsewhere, the OU Cisco team and collaborating colleagues WILL NOT remove you from the enrolment

  2. By enrolling, you acknowledge that this is a 100% remote, 100% self-supporting experience

  3. You will follow the completion requirements described within each course

  4. You acknowledge that by enrolling on any of these course, you will not consider yourself to be a formal student of any organisation supporting this programme, including the Open University

  5. You must already have instructor status at an established Cisco Academy

  6. You will read the instructions within each course and not request additional special dispensation

These courses are match funded by the IoC and the collaborative efforts of the OU, BCU, UWTSD, TU:Dublin and CiscoUKI