What next, now that you have been accredited!

Congratulations - many of you are now Accredited!

What does this mean?

We had 660+ applications, when filtered this became 577, however a modest number of you were already accredited - which we found bemusing. Why some of you were asking to be CCNAv7 ItN accredited when you already had this, was interesting.

We estimate that we have accredited c350+ Cisco Instructors who did not have any prior accreditation.

However, some of you are not yet set up as instructors in your academy. As soon as your colleagues, tick the 'instructor' box (see below) - you will be able to create a CCNAv7 ItN course on NetAcad.

What, not connected to an ASC!

Also, some of you may discover that your Cisco Academy is not connected to an ASC - which will prevent you from creating an CCNAv7 ItN course. If this is the case, please reach out to cisco-asc@open.ac.uk where we will explore how this can be resolved. We are open to all disconnected Cisco Academies - so long as we learn more about your organisation.

No Certificate, No Badge, No Completion!!!

We have been explicit on several occasions and this is clearly stated on the course, we are using to accredit you. There are no certificates of completion, no digital badges, you WILL NOT be marked as complete. Please do not ask, as we will be less than supportive.

To check your status, simply create a course ...

Feel free to attempt to create a CCNAv7 Introduction to Networks course on NetAcad and furthermore populate it with students. Guidance regarding this, can also be seen below (simply scroll down).

Do you need to study CCNA1 ItN?

We encourage you to review the content, we encourage you to try out some of the assessments, we also encourage you to explore some of the packet tracer activities. Our view is that you will be learning as you teach and most educators do not teach that which they do not yet know, for good, sensible and professional reasons.

So - in short, you DO NOT need to fully study CCNA1 ItN.

Adding an Instructor User

This information is for contacts, or anyone with staff status on NetAcad.

First - go to i'm managing (look to the top, or in the left menu) - if you do not have access to this, then you need to ask someone in your academy, such as the main contact to give you staff and advisor status.

Assuming that you have the correct Cisco Academy selected - as most of you, may only be in a single academy. Then click on users.

Now, you should see over on the right hand side a fairly obvious button that says 'add user'. When you press this, you can add anyone, with any email address - if they are already a Cisco Instructor elsewhere, please use that email - otherwise, you can use their personal email address or their organisational email.

Note: it is NOT a requirement for any Cisco Academy to require any Cisco Instructor to use their organisational email - as many Cisco Instructors can work in multiple Cisco Academies.

There is a lot of information to the left - as you can see, you need to add their full name and full email address. Then tick, advisor, facilitator, instructor and staff - as this will make your mutual lives easier in the longer term.

If they are new to NetAcad - your colleague will get an invitation email which must be acted upon within 48 to 72 hours - so please do let them know. Also, it is often worth checking their junk email as the invitation does occasionally become victim to over zealous spam/junk policies.

If the email is associated with someone, who is already using NetAcad. Let them know, they will be able to see your Cisco Academy via i'm managing.

Creating a CCNA1v7 ItN Course on NetAcad

Creating a course on the current Cisco NetAcad platform is easy. Once you and your colleagues gain CCNA1v7 ItN accreditation - creating a course is easy.

First, simply go to i'm teaching, which is the default home page for anyone with Cisco Instructor Status.

Now, simply click on the create course button - it is normally on the right hand side of the screen - depending on your screen size.

At this stage, you will be presented with a phantasmagoria of choices ... the easiest solution is to search for CCNA.

Then, you will easily discover the CCNAv7 ItN (Introduction to Networks) course that you are now accredited to create. Do not use any older versions, it will simply not work as you would expect.

Next, you must select language and version - there is a long list to select from. Yet, for many reading this, we will assume that you would prefer English v7.02.

Now, the fun begins - you can create the course. ID and name is entirely your choice - there are no rules, only your preferred logic.

The default start/end is three months, you can have a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 365.

Description is clearly optional - however, you may wish to put something in that the students will see in their i'm learning page.

Then - the real treat and the test to see if accreditation has happened. Add yourself as an instructor. 

Faciliators are anyone that is an instructor that is not yet accredited on NetAcad. For the purposes of this activity - you do not need to use this.

Now, you may wish to click on continue!

This is most likely the least exciting step!

Once you press continue, it will summarise all of your previous settings. Then you can check these, before pressing the publish now option. Publish Now - is a big blue button often to the bottom right hand side of your screen - again, always depending on your layout.


You have created your course, it is ready for students, teaching, managing and supporting success at your Cisco Academy.

Feel free to explore the CCNA1 ItN course, add as many students as you desire and teach them as you discover the benefits of this formative course.