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How integrating NetAcad courses simplified learning and created industry-relevant skills for students 

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The Course

TU Dublin’s learn and work Computing Networking Technologies course was developed with Cisco Networking Academy courses at the heart, coupled with 21 months of industry internship experience (7 in the first year & 7 in the second, and a final 7 in an optional third year).


With only 20 places available, the teacher-student relationship is like no other. Students are supported throughout the theoretical, practical and internship areas of the course. From online quizzes to virtual environments to real-life routers and switches, students are given the perfect balance of theory and practical knowledge.


The Learning

Cisco Networking Academy courses are embedded throughout the curriculum to ensure students are gaining practical, industry-aligned skills in addition to foundational theoretical content.


Students complete NetAcad chapter exams and final exams as part of their assignments. These are encouraged to be completed during university hours, however, if needed in the student's free time due to the online and self-paced design. [CP1] [EB2] 


For the practical assessment, students are given custom Packet Tracer lessons, with final Packet Tracer exams developed by the university tutors. The practical exams are a 2-hour lecture followed by a four-hour laboratory session.


If students required further support, the Cisco Networking Academy platform offers quizzes, which can be custom-made or selected from a range of pre-made, and a plethora of resources.  

Competitive Early-In-Career Market 

Whereas many students do not have industry experience, students in the TU Computing Networking Technologies programme graduate with a degree, industry experience, industry certifications, and industry contacts.


With the ever-growing demand for an all-rounded employee, the mixture of hands-on industry-relevant skills and knowledge creates a graduate who stands out in a competitive market. Many TU Dublin students go on to roles within Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Citrix, Equinix, Vodafone and other organisations at the forefront of technological innovation.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that the IT industry is solely coding, and they may never leave their room. It's not like that at all, there are lots of dynamic jobs and careers out there. From data centres engineers to data centre managers, Analysts to Cybersecurity specialists, there are roles covering everything.”

 Tom Nolan.  Lecturer in Informatics & Cyber Security at TU Dublin

TU Dublin's successes - Changing Lives of Students

From students that are straight out of further education to those seeking reskilling opportunities, TU Dublin has found huge success in their courses.


One example is a female student who was working in catering hospitality making sandwiches for events. Wanting to change career, she decided on TU Dublin’s course due to the industry-relevant experience and the opportunity to obtain additional certifications. Within two years she ended up managing a data centre, something she never thought she’d be doing.


Another student from a deprived area of Dublin became homeless during his time at TU Dublin. Wanting to make his daughter proud and change his circumstances, he pushed to complete the course, gaining support from his teachers,  peers, and platform resources graduating into a leading Tech firm. Find more about his journey here.


See many more of TU Dublin’s successes here:




“Before applying for a course I'd advise any student to do their homework, researching what it covers and how it may be relevant in their choice of field. Getting a flavour of the courses before they sign up” - Lecturer in Informatics & Cyber Security at TU Dublin