Why Become an Academy?

The NetAcad programme has been operational in the UK and Ireland since 1998, connecting a community of Cisco Academies from Schools, Colleges, Universities and other types of organisations. There are a wealth of benefits in becoming an Academy, from leveraging high-quality and up-to-date content to gaining access to free tools and resources, all whilst benefitting your professional development. Read below to learn more about the benefits of becoming an Academy.

Benefits for teachers

  • Facilitate Teaching: Gain access to 1400+ hours of high quality, up-to-date, and vendor agnostic content spanning Networking, Cybersecurity, and Programming topics. You can view the courses on offer with descriptions here.

  • Packet Tracer: Packet Tracer is a state of the art simulation tool that covers the entire curriculum of CCNA by providing practical application exercises that complement the theoretical content.

  • Examination Tools: Self-assessment tools allow students to check their understanding with correct/incorrect scoring. Teachers can also launch customisable quizzes and view students' progress to help identify potential areas additional support is required.

  • Community: In becoming an Academy, you become a part of the Cisco Networking Academy community. We run an Instructor Facebook Page for instructors to expand their network and share best practices, and events hosted by Cisco and NetAcad Partners.

Prospective Academy Overview.pptx

Benefits for students

  • Improved Learning: Practical, theoretical, in-person and virtual learning with diversified learning paths in IoT, CyberSecurity, Networking and Programming, more.

  • Accessibility: Visit our self-paced, online learning platform for 100% free and mobile friendly courses. Our courses are designed to take students from beginner to advanced.

  • Check your Knowledge: Embedded self-assessments with correct/incorrect scoring to check your knowledge and help identify your stronger and weaker areas.

  • Career Opportunities: Course content is designed to align with skills demanded by the market. Study towards industry recognised certifications to boost career prospects.

Don't just take our word for it... hear from our community of instructors and students

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog slide deck provides more information about NetAcad's current portfolio, useful to Education institutions and educators. It can also be downloaded from here.

2020-10 English_NetAcad_Product_Catalog_Oct2020

Shared Community Resources

As a response to COVID-19, we have developed a focused microsite from the UK and Ireland NetAcad ASC (Academy Support Centre) community, with the objective of curate, collate and collaborate useful resources: support.teachingdigital.org.