Skills for All

What is Skills for All?

Skills for All was introduced by the Cisco Networking Academy in 2020. The intent of launching the site was to create a greenfield innovation space to build a new and improved platform for educators and learners. As an Academy, you have access to courses on and All Skills for All courses are self-paced, free, and, mobile-friendly, with ample opportunity for learners to get stuck in with practical activities such as labs and assessments. Most courses can also be instructor-led. 

By July 2024, NetAcad will merge with Skills for All - it is therefore essential that all instructors develop confidence and experience with the platform as it evolves, merges and converges.

What courses are there on Skills for All?

There are some exciting new courses on Skills for All, notably:

Check out "Explore" on Skills for All to view all courses.

This video is around six minutes in length and provides you with a short, easy to follow guide on how easy it is to create a class via the new Skills for All platform. This is a must for all experienced Cisco Instructors as well as anyone new to the community.

Of course, you can also visit the site below, which also describes how to connect your NetAcad login to Skills for All. It is worth watching the video - then visiting the site - in total, this will consume no more than ten minutes of your time.

Also - this additional screen reader and mobile friendly microsite, explaining how to login  is provided by the Open University.

Check out Skills for All to learn more and reach out to your ASC for more information.