Programming Essentials in C++

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Programming Essentials in C++

This free course is provided by Cisco via its Networking Academy (NetAcad) programme.

Learning C++, one of the most popular programing languages, starts here

As one of the most popular programming languages, C++ is hailed for its efficiency and its ease for developing games, real-time systems, and applications with graphical libraries. Take the course to learn the basics of programming in the C++ language, and the fundamental notions and techniques it uses. C++ knowledge lends itself well for landing jobs in Security, Networking and IoT fields. Don’t miss out. This first course, in the 2-course series, introduces you to the basics then progressively extends your capabilities. No programming knowledge required. See more about the C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA).

This course is featured in The Skills Toolkit and is made available for free through Cisco Networking Academy, a global Digital education programme that Cisco delivers as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.